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Give the gift of Deco

ADSNY is excited to offer a wide range of gifts for Deco enthusiasts!


Whether you are giving the gift of Deco or treating yourself, you are sure to find something for everyone. Gifts include packages of ADSNY's engaging Video Events, ADSNY memberships, and a plethora of Art Deco-inspired merchandise. 

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Gift Deco-Inspired Goodies

This wide variety of products––such as face masks, note cards, tote bags, journals, phone cases, and more––boasts stunning designs inspired by New York's Deco landmarks.

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Gift ADSNY Memberships

Know someone who would enjoy being a vibrant part of ADSNY's engaged network of Deco enthusiasts? Help them enjoy Deco year round with an ADSNY Membership.

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Gift Deco On Demand
Video Event Packages

These discounted series of ADSNY's Online Events include web-based presentations to fit a wide variety of Deco interests.


Deco-Inspired Goodies

ADSNY now has 500 and 1000 piece jigsaw puzzles!

These puzzles are a great way for you and your loved ones to unplug and escape the stresses of 2021! Get yours today!

ADSNY is happy to offer a variety of Art Deco-inspired items, such as face masks, tote bags, stationery, journals, phone cases, and much more! 


We are excited to offer exclusive designs inspired by New York's iconic Art Deco architecture on this wide range of merchandise. These special designs are based on works such as the Chanin Building's stunning relief by Rene Paul Chambellan, to the grillwork from the Grand Ballroom of the Waldorf Astoria.


Each of these patterns can be ordered on a variety of products:

To see the full list of products that feature these patterns:

  • Scroll down to click the gold  Tote Bags  button located above the first tote bag pictured below

  • A list of all the types of Deco items appears

  • Click on the item in the list that you want to browse

Your purchase of these Art Deco-inspired items supports the mission of the Art Deco Society of New York.



Deco On Demand  Packages

These special packages include a wide variety of ADSNY's Video Events at a discounted price! Each package contains complete video recordings of our engaging events and gives you, or the Deco enthusiast in your life, the opportunity to have the same experience as those who participated in each live event.

The Art Deco Globetrotter

The United States

Art Deco Explorer

New York City

Art Deco Adventurer

Women Pioneers

of the Art Deco Era


Gift ADSNY Memberships

Know someone who'd enjoy being a vibrant part of ADSNY's engaged network of Deco enthusiasts? Help them experience Deco year round with an ADSNY Membership. As a member, the Deco enthusiast in your life will be a vital part of the celebration of New York’s rich Art Deco treasures. As an ADSNY Member, they'll enjoy priority invitations to all events, special discounts, free events, and one-of-a-kind members only opportunities. In addition, memberships to ADSNY are tax deductible. 

To gift a Membership, simply: 

  1. Review the Membership levels on our Membership webpage to choose the Membership level you'd like to gift

  2. So that our automated emails don't ruin the surprise of your gift, email us at Info@ArtDeco.org to let us know you want to gift a Membership. In your email, let us know the:

    • Name and email address of your gift recipient

    • Membership level you would like to gift

    • Date that you would like the gift sent to your recipient​

  3. We'll follow-up with you to confirm your gift Membership information and email you an invoice to complete your tax deductible gift Membership payment

  4. On the date that you've indicated you'd like your recipient to receive their gift, ADSNY will email them a festive card, letting them know their gift is from you

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