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International Coalition
of Art Deco Societies

The Art Deco Society of New York is a member of the International Coalition of Art Deco Societies (ICADS), which became known as Art Deco International in 2021. ICADS is dedicated to fostering international co-operation and mutual support among members to explore new ways to work together to promote the understanding, appreciation, and preservation of Art Deco. ICADS is responsible for the management of a bi-annual World Congress on Art Deco.

In 2021 ADSNY's President, Roberta Nusim, was elected President of ICADS for a two-year term.

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World Congress on Art Deco

Every two years a member organization of Art Deco International hosts the World Congress on Art Deco. Launched in 1991, these immersive events are designed to bring together Art Deco experts and aficionados from around the world for a fun-filled and educational week of in-depth seminars, tours, and social events that explore the unique early-twentieth century architecture and design of the region. Congresses have grown to now include Pre- and Post- Congress explorations that can now span several weeks. Congresses have taken place in:

1991: Miami Beach, Florida, United States

1992: Miami Beach, Florida, United States

1993: Perth, Australia

1995: London and Brighton, England

1997: Los Angeles, California, United States

1999: Napier, New Zealand

2001: Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States

2003: Cape Town, South Africa

2005: New York, New York, United States

2007: Melbourne, Australia

2009: Montreal, Canada

2011: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2013: Havana, Cuba

2015: Shanghai, China

2017: Cleveland, Ohio, United States

2019: Buenos Aires, Argentina

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2023 Congress

Modernism–Florida's Hidden Treasures

Miami Design Preservation League will be hosting the 16th World Congress on Art Deco, which is particularly exciting since MDPL hosted the first Congress 30 years ago!

Pre-Congress:        Palm Beach, April 19–20, 2023          

World Congress:   Miami Beach/Miami, April 20–28, 2023

Post-Congress:       Central Florida, April 28–29, 2023

Even if you have visited Miami's wonderful Art Deco Historic District, this Congress is sure to delight you with Deco you have yet to discover! The Congress will also explore unique, not-to-be-missed regional architecture and design beyond Art Deco.

Make sure to save these dates and check back for the most up-to-date information and check out the video below for an overview of what the program will explore.

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2025 Congress

Centennial Celebration of Art Deco 

As the centennial anniversary of our favorite period style approaches, we are thrilled to get a glimpse into what the Paris Art Deco Society has in the works for the Spring 2025 World Congress. Dates for the Congress are still being determined but we invite you to enjoy the recording below that gives a peak into what is sure to be a special Congress.

Pre-Congress:        Reims, France; Spring 2025  

World Congress:   Paris, France; Spring 2025

Post-Congress:       Saint-Quentin, France; Lille, France; Brussels, Belgium; Spring 2025

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This recording is an excerpt from a longer online event that was hosted by the Paris Art Deco Society on April 28, 2021. Click here to access the full recording that includes the Q&A with attendees. 

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