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Art Deco Society of New York members are knowledgable, interested travelers, eager to explore interwar wonders close by and around the world. ADSNY is happy to assist our members in visiting and learning how interwar architecture and design is adapted in different cities.

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Destination Deco   Architecture and Design Travel Programs 

In 2017 ADSNY formally launched its exclusive boutique travel program, Destination Deco. Immersive trips to explore Art Deco have included visits to Tel Aviv, Havana, Miami, Chicago, and Dallas-Fort Worth. Highlights of these programs include included private exhibition tours; architectural walking, bus, and boat tours; visits to private homes and collections; and culture immersions into the unique regional style, design, culture, music, and the arts of the 1920s and 30s. Click here to see upcoming travel programs – or – Click here to see past travel programs

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World Congress on Art Deco

Every two years a city, rich with interwar design, hosts the World Congress on Art Deco. Started in Miami in 1991, these programs bring together experts and aficionados from around the world for a week of in-depth seminars, tours, and social events. Congresses have since taken place in Perth, Australia; Brighton and London, United Kingdom; Los Angeles, USA; Napier, New Zealand; Tulsa, USA; Cape Town, South Africa; New York, USA; Melbourne, Australia; Montreal, Canada; Rio de Janiero, Brazil; Havana, Cuba; Shanghai, China; Cleveland, USA; and most recently in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The 2023 Congress was in Miami and the 2025 Congress will be in Paris to celebrate the centennial of Art Deco. Click here to see upcoming Congress information.

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Customized Art Deco Tours

ADSNY experts will develop a personal Art Deco tour just for you. Guardian level members, and above, can take advantage of ADSNY’s expertise to develop Art Deco individual or small group tours for travel within the United States or other Deco cities around the world. Email for more information. 

Upcoming Travel Programs

Upcoming In-Person Travel Programs

Web-based Travel Programs

While we were unable to safely offer in-person travel opportunities, we were excited to continue our Destination Deco travel programs digitally! Below, you can find complete recordings of our past online events that explore some of the world’s greatest Deco cities Each Deco On Demand video gives you the opportunity to have the same experience as those who participated in the live event. You will see and hear the speaker presenting the original visuals. These videos allow you to stream all of the original content of ADSNY’s programs at a time that best fits your schedule. While watching, you will see the entire presentation directly on your computer screen, tablet, or mobile device.

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