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Art Deco Architecture Across Canada: Stories of the country’s buildings between the two World Wars by Tim Morawetz is the first-ever compilation of Canadian Art Deco buildings. More than 150 works of architecture are showcased in the 320-page hardcover book, ranging from high-profile office towers, city halls and department stores, to apartment buildings, private homes, churches, and neighborhood movie theaters. It features numerous examples of bas-relief carvings and decorative panels that present uniquely Canadian examples of flora and fauna, industry, and daily life.


Informative and entertaining stories written in a friendly and accessible style accompany each of the buildings, and paint a picture of the legendary entrepreneurs, politicians, and everyday Canadians who made their mark during the interwar era.


The book contains nearly 450 color photos and over 100 black-and-white period photos, each with detailed captions that explain the architectural and decorative features of each structure. It includes a comprehensive definition of Art Deco architecture, thorough indexes, a helpful glossary, and an extensive bibliography. The book was a Nominee in the Historical Writing Books category at the 2018 Heritage Toronto Awards.

Over the past three decades, Art Deco lover and amateur historian Tim Morawetz has travelled to every major city across Canada to find and photograph the buildings featured in this book. He has led walking tours of downtown Toronto’s Deco buildings, delivered talks to various community groups, participated in preservation campaigns, and attended six World Congresses on Art Deco. His first book, Art Deco Architecture in Toronto: A guide to the city’s buildings from the Roaring Twenties and the Depression, was recognized with an Award of Merit in the 2010 Heritage Toronto Awards. In his professional life, Tim is a business writer and marketing-communications consultant in Toronto.

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