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Documenting Deco: K–12 Learning Program

Downloadable Materials​

Materials provided in the activity three packet include:
  • Activity Three Lesson Plan

  • Video Organizer handout

  • Four Sentence Strip handouts

  • How is a New York Building Landmarked? handout

  • Ticket Out handout

Suggested videos for use in this lesson:
  • History of the original Penn Station in New York City

  • How do Buildings Become Landmarks? by That's So New York

Both of these videos can be viewed below 

In celebration of the passing of the New York City Landmarks Preservation Law, instructors and students will explore the importance of preserving New York’s rich architectural history. Using video clips instructors will provide information about landmarking and give students the opportunity to connect their own opinions and observations with the Landmarks Preservation Commission’s work.

Activity Three: Honor the Past, Imagine the Future

The Documenting Deco Educational Program is provided with funding and support provided by:


This educational program would not have happened without the assistance of many individuals who contributed their time, talents, and knowledge to make it possible. Many thanks to architect and photographer Richard Berenholtz, who inspired Documenting Deco and shares his vast experience with students participating in the program; Judith Spokony, who brings more than thirty years as a New York City educator to creating the teaching guide and student materials; television producer Pamela Kawi who has contributed her talents overseeing all our media; Damian Cavalo for videotaping Richard Berenholtz’s interview; Sandra Tansky for her careful editing and helpful suggestions; Meghan Weatherby, ADSNY’s Executive Director, for her extensive design skills, knowledge of Art Deco and endless patience spending countless hours designing all elements of the final print and online components of program; and Christine Stoddard for her exceptional development and implementation of this program.


Many thanks to the instructors and administrators, for bringing this program to your students. We welcome your suggestions as we expand the program to more schools in the coming year.

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