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Documenting Deco: K–12 Learning Program

Materials provided in the activity packet include:
  • Activity Three Lesson Plan

  • Scavenger Hunt List handout

Optional videos that may be helpful with this lesson:

  • Documenting Deco: Photography with Richard Berenholtz

Downloadable Materials​

This lesson will encourage students to examine buildings more creatively and in more detail while demonstrating the breadth and diversity of Art Deco architecture across New York City. Students will also gain new skills in photography and reinforce their knowledge about Art Deco’s architectural aesthetics and history.

Activity Three: Documenting Deco
Documenting Deco
Play Video

The Documenting Deco Educational Program is provided with funding and support provided by:



Many thanks to the instructors and administrators, for bringing this program to your students. We welcome your suggestions as we expand the program to more schools in the coming year.

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