1920s and 30s Architecture

Whether you are looking at 1920s and 30s architecture in New York, Chicago, Australia, France, India, or anywhere around the world, it is easy to see that buildings of this period have a distinct style. Hover over any image below to learn the topic of the article and for the option to read the full article. 

New York's Urban Giants:
Bell Telephone in the 1920s

New York Deco: An Introduction

Art Deco Terra Cotta

Melbourne Art Deco &


Mrs. William Lamb Reminisces

Art Deco Automats in 1930:

Interview with the Architect

Rescuing Lalique's Glass Façade

Transforming Manhattan's

Art Deco Office Towers

Icon of the City

From Wall Street to Midtown:
Art Deco Goes Commercial

Art Deco Innovations in Schools

The Iconic Residences of

Central Park West

Restoring a Landmark

Pierre Chareau: Modern 
Architecture and Design

Art Deco à la Française

Art Deco Origins & Influences

Book List

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