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New York Art Deco Registry & Map

The New York Art Deco Registry & Map provides information about existing Art Deco buildings including borough, neighborhood, address, architect, function, year built, and landmark status. This digital catalog is an ideal resource for creating self-guided tours and general research. This ongoing project is the foundation for many of ADSNY’s initiatives, such as neighborhood tours, student and adult educational outreach, architectural restoration, as well as preservation and landmarking activities.


The ever-growing catalogue is updated semiannually by a dedicated team of volunteers. If you would like to suggest an existing building to be included, or would like to play a greater role in the development of this project, please email

New York Art Deco Map

Art Deco buildings included in the Registry and Map are marked using blue and purple pins. Blue pins represent buildings that have been designated Landmarks by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission. To use the map, hover your mouse above the map. You can zoom into your area of interest, click on the location(s) that interest you, and read the pop-up window that contains more information on the specific address.

New York Art Deco Registry

Below is a listing of the 800+ buildings that make up the New York Art Deco Registry & Map. Simply hover your mouse over the list below and scroll to view the information for each building.


The New York Art Deco Registry is made possible with funding and support provided by:

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