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New York's Art Deco Architecture (Video Event)

This video event is a complete recording of our past illustrated talk and gives you the opportunity to have the same experience as those who participated in the live program. You will see and hear the speaker presenting the original visuals, as well as the Q&A session. This video allows you to stream the original content of ADSNY's program anytime that best fits your schedule between the Start and End dates listed below. Runtime: 1 hour and 32 minutes.

What Attendees are Saying About this Presentation:

“I enjoyed the lecture today and I thank you so much! We may be familiar with some of the buildings and styles, but when things are put in context with so much knowledge and eloquence, it’s a pleasure!"


“Thank you so much for the presentation - it was great - I really enjoyed it and look forward to attending similar sessions”

“I loved it. Tony's passion for the topic really shines through and he explains things in a way that is easy to understand even if you don't have a technical background in the field of architecture.”


“Thank you for putting on the webinar today; I loved it and it is a great idea during a time when we’re stuck in our homes and towns.”


“Thank you for the great presentation. I am not an architecture enthusiast, just the average person who sometimes stops and looks at a building and wonders why it appeals to me!  I now have some specific things to recognize and associate with what I learned today.”

“That was a really wonderful event!  Tony did a perfect presentation that even though most of what he said I already know, I think he is still fascinating to hear it again.  And the questions were really good too!”


“Terrific presentation. Many thanks.”

“Today's Tony Robins presentation was sensational. The intimacy of the [online] format served to enhance the overall experience. Being up close to the illustrations; seeing Tony's expressions as he spoke; being able to clearly hear every word all served to reinforce the connection between presenter and viewer. It was so good I hated to see it end.”


“THIS WAS GREAT!!!! I enjoyed this so much!!! Thank you!”

“That was such a great talk! This is the first time I have "attended" a talk or anything else and I will definitely do more!  Unlike others trying to keep busy, my work is non-stop, and this was a fantastic break today. Thanks so much…”

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