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Mumbai: Art Deco Jewel of India (Video Event)

This Video Event is a complete recording of our past illustrated talk and gives you the opportunity to have the same experience as those who participated in the live program. You will see and hear the speaker presenting the original visuals, as well as the Q&A session. This video allows you to stream the original content of ADSNY's program anytime that best fits your schedule between the Start and End dates listed below. Runtime: 1 hour and 28 minutes.

What Attendees are Saying About this Presentation:

"LOVED the Mumbai presentation. One of the best I've been part of. 

This was phenomenal. Thank you so much!"

"I watched your presentation about Mumbai’s Oval and Marine drive, and felt quite as spellbound! What a remarkable collection of stunning buildings––and what an accomplishment to have obtained the UNESCO listing. And speaking of audio clips, the movie clip you included was delightful."

"WOW! Who knew Mumbai had so many high-quality Art Deco buildings––and private residences at that?! Thank you for this fantastic event and for putting the architecture of Mumbai on my radar."


"So enjoyed this fabulous and informative program today, thank you!  

Kudos. One of the best presentations you have produced. Excellent balance between "information" and pictures."

"Fantastic thank you!"

"Another great presentation, more good coming out of this mess, thank you."

"What a great presentation!  Such beautiful buildings. Like you I cannot wait for this pandemic to be over and to be able to travel once more. Mumbai is definitely high on my list of destinations."

"Thank you very much for this wonderful presentation!"

"This was the most important and interesting webinar of the entire series so far."

"This was AMAZING!"

"This was delightful––loved the parallels between NYC and Mumbai!"

"I am so happy to see how these architects made deco culturally congruent with the materials used,  and the inclusion of local design features, and the work and industrial themes."


"Thanks so much, this presentation is incredible!"


"An absolutely superb presentation––I loved how you highlighted the architectural details to show where they are on the buildings"

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