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Forty-Second Street East to West (Video Event)

This video event is a complete recording of our past illustrated talk and gives you the opportunity to have the same experience as those who participated in the live program. You will see and hear the speaker presenting the original visuals, as well as the Q&A session. This video allows you to stream the original content of ADSNY's program anytime that best fits your schedule between the Start and End dates listed below. Runtime: 1 hour and 35 minutes.

What Attendees are Saying About this Presentation:

Thank you for a wonderful illustrated talk today from Anthony Robbins.
Completely captivating!

That was great! I really loved being about to walk around the city and see everything without getting sore feet or a crick in my neck.

Thank you!

Thanks for another great talk! The Chrysler Building is wonderful...

and so unique.  

Thank you greatly for this presentation. Totally excellent!

Hands down this was the best online presentation I have attended––can't wait to enjoy more of ADSNY's programming. 


Wonderful program! Nice to be back in the city again!

Thank you so much! Loved seeing and learning so much from home.  

This was a BRILLIANT lecture. The best I have attended. What a joy!


Thank you Tony and ADSNY. Just bought your book. Kudos! So happy I have joined the org. All the best…stay healthy. ;-)

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