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It is with great pleasure that ADSNY offers the Art Deco New York journal, our annual publication celebrating the rich interwar heritage of New York and great Deco regions from around the world. The journal offers a wide range of articles focusing on the many aspects of the 1920s and 1930s: architecture, decorative arts and design, material culture, fashion, and lifestyle. Art Deco New York explores well known areas of interest for scholars and novices alike, as well as remarkable, but less explored topics that enrich our understanding of the era.

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The 2020 issue of the Art Deco New York journal is now posted!

New issue, new look,

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We are pleased that, despite the many challenges of 2020, this year's issue of the Art Deco New York journal has come to fruition––even if only online! This issue, featuring an updated design, celebrates the Year of the Woman with a rich variety of informative, engaging articles. This issue brings to light many notable women of the interwar period.

As we found ourselves at the dawn of the twenty-first century’s Roaring Twenties, the journal team devoted this issue to a timely to look back at the last century’s twenties and thirties through the lens of ADSNY’s founders. This issue includes articles from our vault that are just as relevant today as when they were originally published.

Volume 4, Issue 1

Winter 2019

This issue explores Art Deco around the world featuring a look at iconic travel posters from the interwar years, the Deco district in Mumbai, Canadian Art Deco architecture, and Cuba’s tropical take on the style. Articles also include the work of San Francisco’s foremost Deco architect, a stop by Fair Park in Dallas to visit their restored 1936 fairgrounds, a self-guided walking tour through Manhattan's Rockefeller Center, and more!

Volume 3, Issue 2

Winter 2018

This issue features an insightful look into the conversions of Art Deco commercial buildings into luxury residences, which was taking place through-out the city when the issue was published. Articles also explore the city’s first fast food chain, the legendary Automats that changed the way New Yorkers dined; legendary Art Deco ocean liners of the era, Jazz Age cocktail culture, a self-guided walking tour through Brooklyn's Bay Ridge, and more!

Volume 3, Issue 1

Spring 2018

This issue features a timely article on architect Ralph Walker, whose famed Art Deco telephone buildings were undergoing conversions to luxury residences throughout the city at the time of publication. Articles also highlight the preservation of the famed Waldorf Astoria Hotel, Deco from the silver screen, a glimpse New York’s terra cotta Deco wonders, a self-guided walking tour through the Bronx's Grand Concourse, and more!

Volume 2, Issue 1

Spring 2017

This issue takes us back to 1931, a watershed year for the explosive growth of Deco architecture throughout the city. It was a year that marked the completion of iconic skyscrapers, residential buildings and schools that remain a vibrant part of NYC’s built environment.

Articles also highlight various types of jewelry from the period, the sculpture of Waylande Gregory, a self-guided walking tour through Manhattan's Washington Heights, and more!

Volume 1, Issue 2

Winter 2016

This issue salutes the Empire State Building on its eighty-fifth anniversary. To celebrate this milestone, leading architectural experts shared their insights into the building’s history, landmark designation, and stunning lobby restoration. Articles also highlight cigarette holders in the Jazz Age, the artwork of Thomas Hart Benton, a self-guided walking tour through Brooklyn's Brighton Beach, and more!

Volume 1, Issue 1

Spring 2016